Why we need sleep 

You do all the right things but still aren’t shedding the pounds and feeling your best. What’s going on? Let’s discuss why sleep matters when it comes to weight loss.

Sleep is just as important for our health as our diet and exercise. In fact, did you know that sleep affects every single facet of our health? We can’t live without it! When we sleep we give our bodies a chance to recover. Our blood pressure has much needed time to regulate, lowering our risk of diabetes and boosting our immune system. 

While you’re sleeping your body is also regulating the hormones which tell us if we feel full or hungry. If you don’t get enough sleep you might find you feel hungrier and crave comfort foods. If we give in to those cravings it makes it harder for us to stay a healthy weight. 

Our mind needs precious sleep as well to regenerate so we can feel focused and productive. Do you feel grumpy when you’re tired and ready to take on the world after a good night’s sleep? Sleeping well can have a knock on effect on our mood helping us to control our emotions. 

So how much do we need? You should aim for 7 to 9 hours of shut eye to feel your best and be firing on all cylinders.