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Communicate confidently with patients and improve health outcomes using our online knowledge platform. 

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Effective bite-sized learning delivered via an online training platform, tailored to support health care professionals. 

  • Learn tried and tested ways to have positive conversations around weight management, obesity and smoking cessation.
  • Access over 50 short videos, articles and tools, all highly practical and accessible on the go.
  • Do as little as 10 minutes of learning a day to fit around your busy schedule.
  • Created by health care professionals using the latest practices.
  • Continue your professional development with our easy-to-implement content.

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What we cover 

Get positive results by mastering simple, powerful ways to: 

  • Raise the issue of obesity.   
  • Help inactive patients move more.   
  • Encourage healthy eating habits.   
  • Help patients maintain behavioural change.  
  • Empower patients to stop smoking. 

Learn with us to have an even greater impact in your role and improve patient outcomes.