Weight loss for children & family

Improve your whole family’s health, helping your kids to lose weight as they move more and have fun along the way. 

How does it work?

Kids exercise classes 

Kids love coming to our free weekly 60-minute sessions doing activities like trampolining and football, all held at a leisure centre near you. 

Set your children up for a bright future and healthy weight loss! 

Parent support 

While the kids are exercising, parents and carers can learn tips and get advice from a trained health mentor to improve family health and wellbeing.

  • Change fussy eating & unhealthy habits.
  • Understand healthy snacking & portions.
  • Master smart shopping & food labels.
  • Enjoy healthier eating out & takeaways.

Free children and family weight loss support

Thanks to Nottingham City Council, joining gloji children & family is absolutely free. To make sure we’re helping those who need it most, there are some eligibility criteria. 

Can I join?

We hope so! It depends on a few factors, but your child must live or be registered with a GP in the city of Nottingham and have a BMI over the 85th percentile.

Don’t worry, we have a simple way of finding out if we’re a good fit.  We’ll guide you step-by-step to match you to the perfect programme for you.

Family cooking 

Learn together how to make tasty, healthy food that you and your kids will love with our simple recipes designed especially for families. 

Free family online gym pass 

Make moving part of your family’s routine and set up healthy habits that will last. Join gloji and we’ll give you a free family pass to use our online gym, gloji gym, where you can pick from hundreds of classes to do together. Exercise in the comfort of your own home when it suits your family’s busy schedule. 

Family exercise support in nottingham

A little extra help

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Loud and proud 

We love sharing stories from those we’ve helped, and you can join them too if you sign up today! 

Take steps to improve your family’s health by answering a few quick questions today.