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Supporting Nottingham residents with innovative, engaging health and wellbeing programmes commissioned by Nottingham City Council.

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How to refer your patients 

1. Your clinical operating system

You can easily refer through your clinical operating system e.g. Systm One or EMIS Web.  The referral goes straight to our secure inbox and our team will contact your patient and triage within 5 working days.   

2. Submit a referral

You can submit a referral on behalf of your patient and our team will contact them directly and triage.    

3. Self-referral

All patients can self-refer by clicking the Get started button at the top of our website. It’s quick and simple, and we’ll guide them step-by-step to find the perfect programme.    

Eligibility criteria 

The criteria vary a little depending on the programme (see details below), but to join any of our programmes your patient must live or be registered with a GP in the city of Nottingham.

Adult weight management

  • 18+.
  • BMI over 25 (over 23 for certain ethnic groups or those with co-morbidities). 


  • BMI over 44.9.
  • BMI over 40.9 with 3 or more co-morbidities.
  • Eating disorder. 

Child weight management 

  • 5-17 years old.
  • BMI greater than or equal to the 91st centile.
  • BMI over the 99.9th centile (with consent from a GP). 


  • Eating disorder.

Smoking cessation 

  • Aged 12+. 
  • Using or smoking tobacco (eg cigarettes/shisha).
  • Living in the city of Nottingham.


  • Attempted to quit smoking 4 or more times in the last 12 months. 

Physical activity 

  • All adult weight management criteria.
  • Doing less than 30 mins of moderate intensity physical activity a week. 

Lifestyle medicine in real life consultations: why and how you should do it

Hear Dr Richard Pile discuss how truly practising lifestyle medicine will make life better for you and your patients in this 2-part webinar. He’ll also share tips on how to do it within the confines of a primary care consultation. 

Plus find out all about your new integrated health and wellbeing service commissioned as of 2 April 2024 and get the chance to ask questions. 

Let’s work together to help every Nottingham resident thrive!

Training for health
care professionals 

We offer online training for health care professionals making it simple to get the knowledge to better support the residents of Nottingham. We’ll help improve patient communication and boost confidence when discussing difficult weight management and lifestyle changes.

Thrive Tribe health and wellbeing

Thrive Tribe 

Health and wellbeing services are provided by Thrive Tribe, who create long-term habit and behaviour change through a range of lifestyle and wellbeing programmes.