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Nottingham! Get ready to stop smoking for good.


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quit smoking with gloji smoke free

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more likely to quit with gloji smoke free 

How does gloji smoke free work?

Our free flexible stop smoking programme for over 12’s uses a winning combination of science and psychology that really works.  

Personal support

  • 1-to-1 appointments in person or by phone with a fully trained stop smoking mentor.
  • Free stop smoking aids like e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, lozenges and gum.
  • Regular sessions to keep track of your progress and boost your motivation levels.
  • Understanding support from mentors who know how hard quitting can be.

Digital support

  • 12 weeks of interactive stop smoking videos.
  • Online articles, tips and guides to crush your habit
  • Unlimited access to our online gym to support your smoke free journey.
  • Bonus digital extras like a recipe book and quit journal.

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Free stop smoking support 

Thanks to Nottingham City Council, joining gloji smoke free is absolutely free. To make sure we’re helping those who need it most, there are some eligibility criteria.  

Can I join?

We hope so! It depends on a few factors, but you’ll need to be over 12 and live or be registered with a GP in the city of Nottingham. You’ll also need to smoke tobacco (eg cigarettes/shisha). Sorry, we’re not able to support you to quit vaping.

Don’t worry, we have a simple way of finding out if we’re a good fit.  We’ll guide you step-by-step to match you to the perfect programme for you.

How quit aids help 

Give yourself the best chance of quitting successfully by combining our support and online programme with a free quit aid or nicotine replacement therapy.

We’ll help you pick what’s right for you from e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, tablets, sprays and more, and send them to your door.  

Smoke less, move more

Use your free online gym pass to make the most of your improving health and get fit while you quit. Do live or on demand classes to suit you, picking from over 200 classes.

So much more than quitting






A little extra help

Our experts share advice, top tips and guides to help you get ahead and reach your goals so you can thrive.

10 tips to help you quit

Many smokers don’t quit on their first attempt, needing several tries before they succeed. Don’t let this put you off – each attempt gets you closer to success.

How to quit vaping

People often transition to vaping when they want to quit smoking cigarettes, but what if you’re ready to quit vaping? Here’s our help to do it.

Be smoke free in 3 months

Looking for a way to improve your health is great and giving up cigarettes is going to do just that. Find out how quitting can be just the boost you need.

Loud and proud 

We love sharing stories from those we’ve helped, and you can join them too if you sign up today! 

Stop struggling and start thriving by answering a few quick questions today.