Your digital stop smoking experience 

You’ve signed up to use gloji to stop smoking. Brilliant! Now to find out how your quit attempt will work with our digital programme. 

We’re so pleased you’ve made the decision to stop smoking and our digital programme has been specially designed to support you every step of the way.  

What’s in the programme? 

  • Interactive videos 
  • Articles, tips and guides 
  • Regular phone support 

What will I talk about? 

You’ll have phone calls at a pre-set time convenient to you with one of our trained coaches. They are a chance to discuss how you’re feeling, if there’s been any hiccups or triggers, along with help on how to change your behaviours around wanting to smoke. 

All our conversations are always focused on your motivation and offer you non-judgemental support. We’ll ask questions so we can understand why you want to quit smoking and how motivated you are to achieve the end goal. Our conversations can help us work out how best to fully support you throughout your quit attempt. 

It’s worth knowing that we’re all different and as such, we’ll have different motivators and reasons for quitting. It’s likely we could ask you how confident you feel in your ability to quit at your first appointment – there’s no wrong answer to this question. 

What about medication? 

Alongside each quit attempt, we make sure you have to hand quit aids or Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which can come in the forms of patches, mouth spray, inhalators, gums, lozenges and nasal sprays. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what any of these mean or look like, our advisors are specially trained and can give you the best combination to find what works for you. We take into account any potential side effects and your personal preference too. 

Setting a quit date 

Your coach will work with you to set an appropriate quit date, which could vary depending on whether you’re offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy or medication.  

Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable with the quit process and your first appointment is important for providing all relevant information so that you feel empowered to start the journey to being smoke free. 

Be curious 

You can always expect non-judgemental support from us at gloji. We want you to feel happy to ask questions and put you at ease with any questions we ask. We want to gather important information to help decide the best treatment path for you.