How SMART goals can help you lose weight

You want to lose weight, but do you know how much you want to lose and why it matters? Weight loss goals are important, providing focus and a tangible measure of success. So grab a pen and let’s make a plan. 

The 6 stages of change

Though change is always available to us, the path isn’t always a smooth one. Understanding the stages of change and identifying whereabouts we are within them, can help us progress towards our ambitions. 

25 ways to feel good for free

Everyone has days when their mood is low and focus or energy is lacking. We’ve created a list of things to do for little or no cost to banish the blues and boost your mood. 

What is emotional wellbeing? 

Just like we have physical health, we have emotional and mental health, but we tend not to notice it unless we become unwell. Find out why emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing and what can affect it. 

Struggling with your mental health?

When we experience difficulties with our mental health, it can be alarming, isolating and debilitating. We often find it hard to confide in others and seek help. There’s no shame in struggling and we’ve put together this guide to help.